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I’ve been harassing my Twitter followers on and off all day about #CommentJuly, so I thought it was about time I discussed it in more detail again. I also realise in my haste to get a form up and running yesterday I didn’t really explain the concept at all…

Like many good ideas (and yes, I suppose I am making quite an assumption that this will turn out to be a good idea) the concept of #CommentJuly came about by collaboration. An initial musing on why it’s so hard to comment by Abigail Willemse got the ball rolling, then on learning about #blogjune I thought why not address Abby’s concerns by following up a month of blogging with a month of commenting. Several others have joined in the process, contributing thoughts on how #CommentJuly could be carried out – see the following blog posts:

#CommentJuly – the ground rules

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#CommentJuly – good follow-up on #blogjune

Please accept my profuse apologies if I have missed anyone out here – part of the reason for me wanting to do #CommentJuly is to learn how to keep up with people’s blogs, it has all just seemed too difficult while doing #blogjune…

Realising we were fast approaching the pointy end of June in a panic I followed FLEXNIB‘s lead for #blogjune and created my form – yesterday’s post. I was wrapped when a slow trickle of responses started to come into my inbox – the form worked! So far I have had nine respondents, ten #CommentJuly-ers including me. It is a small start, perhaps not surprising after the strain of #blogjune, but I am pleased that we have a little community going. As the completed forms come in, I add each participant to The #CommentJuly List on Twitter. Today I have taken to tweeting people’s reasons for participating, using a recurring ‘Why #CommentJuly?’ motive and the hashtags #blogjune, #anz23mthings and for the one teacher blog #vicpln. Maybe it’s overkill, but we’ll see – I’m new to the whole marketing thing.

As for my goals for #CommentJuly… I think I’ll keep it relatively low-key this time, work out things as I go. Apart from the obvious (commenting on a blog post each day) I do particularly like the idea of a weekly roundup, as suggested by Library Lover, a blog post to reflect on my blog readings for the week. Also Abby’s idea of a Friday blog feature.

So there you go – #CommentJuly. Please do consider joining our little group, it’s never too late and there is no requirement for you to be a blogger yourself. It’s just about learning things, meeting new people (virtually, at least) and participating. Join my list if you are interested!

Tomorrow I will put up my list of participants and a link to the #blogjune group as a starting point, who knows where we’ll get to from there… I personally am looking forward to the adventure!

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